Simple Empasta Tacos

Simple Empasta Tacos

We understand you may be hungry, so let us get straight to the point! This recipe is for inspiration but feel free add or take away what you prefer.


For this dish you'll need:

-Flour or Corn Tortilla

-Your favorite vegan ground beef (I like Loma Taco FIlling )


-Empasta Cheeze

- Lettuce or Parsley(Some sort of greens)

-Ortega Taco Sauce

Tacos with Empasta Cheese Sauce


If using Loma taco filling, no need to season the plant-based protein. Microwave for 60sec or heat on a lightly greased skillet on med-high for 7min.


Lay out your choice of tortillas and add 2-3 tbls of Loma Taco Filling within your tortilla.


Followed by a 1tbls of guacamole


2 tbls of Empasta Cheeze sauce


Drizzle some Ortega Taco sauce for flavor


Finish by topping you taco with your choice of greens (Lettuce or parsley)


And voila! Quick, easy, filling plant based tacos!

Loma Taco Filling

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